Raised in Leyland, a small town in northwest Lancashire, I started my career in hairdressing at 15. I did it largely because my best mate at the time, Matt, his brother had chosen it as a career 2 years earlier and he was having a blast!  That’s the job for me I thought…and I was right. It was brilliant …and 23 years on it still is! I was happy at school but it was more of a social experience than an education . I went to a good school with good folk and good teachers, my inability to know anything about physics, biology and algebra is all my own fault. Balshaws High School holds great memories for me. Anyone living in Leyland, I couldn’t recommend it enough (I have cousins there at the mo!) I started working in Every Generation in Town Gate, Leyland in April1989. Learnt how to do flat tops, perms, roller sets, child haircuts, proper round brush blow dry’s and most of how to work fast. With appointment times sometimes being about 15 mins long, speed was a priority.
After 2 years of this and tinkering with the idea of being a motorcycle mechanic (I bloody loved motorbikes and still do) I left Every Generation and went to work for Gary Spencer at Rafters Hair Studio in Preston.
Gary was a proper inspiration like one of those motivational dudes from the 80’s, he totally made me believe anything was possible and that the world didn’t just start and end in Preston. He also taught me to teach and pretty much gave me a real classical back ground into the real art of hair cutting. He’s still to this day one of the best hair cutters I ever worked with. He changed the course of my life. It was while out on a night out in Southport with Gary that I experienced my first collapsed lung. Gary thought I had indigestion and just kept giving me Rennie, but as it turned out, after many X-rays

things were a little more serious than we thought. Rennie was never going to do the trick

This whole lung thing went on for about 2 years and ended up in an intensive care unit of Blackpool Victoria Hospital. I came out of hospital in March 1994 and within 6 months had moved from my home town to London. Angel Islington to be precise, to start my career as a teacher of hairdressing working for the biggest hair company (at the time) Wella UK at there prestigious London Studio.
This really was a game changer for me. I was now working with the best of the best and not just assisting them but actually working along side them, at 21, this was a hairdressing dream come true. I was briefly impressed with what some of them could do, but was amazed to see how PR works and how ultimately my long running theory about smoke and mirrors, style over content was right.  Having said that, there are a handful of talented hairdressers out there and long may they continue to dominate the industry.
I worked at the Wella Studio London for 7 years between the ages of 21 and 28, and was then promoted to work for Wella’s consumer products division as an ambassador/expert. Now around this time I went to Budapest on a stag do. The best man arranging it asked me along and despite not knowing anyone else on the trip I thought, what the hell, Budapest sounds brilliant. As it turned out most of the folk on the trip were from the TV and film business. I had had a conversation with Trevor Sorbie a few weeks earlier about the lack of a good TV shows about hair/hairdressing and he thought that that was where his future would lie... I decided to try and steal that future and so pitched myself to Andy Abrahams. He was one of the fellow stag doers and seemed like he could become ‘my best friend’ – He was a development producer. His job was to come up with ideas for TV, so I quickly made him become my best friend and we set out to film a little taster/show reel of me presenting a pretend TV show in Camden Market where I grab people in the street and cut their hair right there and then.This idea wasn’t necessarily original as it had been piloted a year or two earlier by a fellow hairdresser Lance Lowe. He had come up with this idea and from what I remember was very good at it, however I hadn’t seen him for over 2 years and Andy had come up with our idea independently of Lance!I suggested to Andy that what we were doing was similar to what Lance had done 2 years previous. Andy quite rightly pointed out that it is completely plausible for 2 people, or more, from different parts of the world to come up with very similar ideas if not the same idea. I stopped worrying about it at that point.We sent the taster to the Discovery Channel and within a couple of weeks they had commissioned 30 X 5 minute episodes to filter throughout their schedule.It would be called THE HAIRMAN this was kind of a joke based around a super hero.Superman, Spiderman, Hairman! And my boss at the time would call me the Hairman whenever introducing me to anyone and I quite liked it.
My TV career had began and it was 2002...


Michael Douglas has been a hairdresser for 27 years and had styled the hair of everyone from Johnny Depp and Kate Moss to Davina McCall and Sienna Miller. During the 90’s and 00’s working on London, Paris, Milan and New York fashion weeks, he styled the supermodels and celebrities for shows and shoots. Having become a father in 2005 he’s stuck slightly closer to home and has carved out a niche on TV and is currently  BBC1’s The One Show's most prolific presenter with his hugely popular strand 'The Street Stylist'. He will be making further episodes for the BBC in 2017.

Michael continues his VIP/celebrity clients in his private studio in W1, along side his editorial session work he creates beautiful hair for TV commercials, advertisements, above and below the line press and PR activity. Michael had a long relationship with P&G and a consultant & hair stylist for big brand campaigns for Panten, Head & Shoulders, Nice and Easy and Wella from 2004-2014. He also works for the TV and Movie industry Working with Actresses and actors such as Ewan McGreggor and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Recently he has teamed up with Producers and Directors from the TV and movie business to pioneer hair and beauty films in 3D Virtual Reality. "Exciting times"

Michael was born and raised in Lancashire and has lived in London for the last 25 years.